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    Nghiên Cứu Về Mô Hình Cấu Trúc Và Ngữ Nghĩa Của Câu Hỏi Có Từ Hỏi Trong Tiếng Anh
    The thesis entitled “A Study on structural and semantic patterns of Whquestions in English” is to analyze and illustrate the types of wh-questions and their semantic features. This one is also to investigate the students' categories of mistakes when using wh-questions, find out the causes, suggest some possible solutions to these matters, and propose several pedagogical implications for the teachers at the research site. This study is divided into three major sections. The first one sets out the rationale of the study as well as the aims, the methodology and the design of the study. The second section contains three chapters. Chapter 1 offers the most relevant factors involving a wh-question such as notions of wh-questions, wh-rhetorical questions, operators, wh-words and their semantic features relating information structure, presupposition and theme and rheme. Chapter 2 is to describe the types of wh-questions based on structures and discourse and the types of presuppositions in wh-questions.
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