Cambridge Super Minds 5 Teacher's Resource Book

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    This exciting seven-level course enhances your students' thinking skills, improving their memory along with their language skills. Super Minds develops language with creative activities including role play and project work, explores social values with lively stories and encourages cross-curricular thinking with fascinating 'English for school' sections. This Level 4 Teacher's Resource Book contains end-of-unit evaluation tests, worksheets for further vocabulary and grammar practice along with cross-curricular extension material. The Audio CD includes all the listening material needed to accompany the tests.
    • Series: Super Minds 7 Levels
    • ISBN: 978-1107659490
    • Author: Susannah Reed
    • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    • Year: 2012
    • Language: English
    • Paperback: 80 Pages
    • Size: 30,26 MB
    • Format: PDF-SCAN
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