Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Dạy Và Học Kỹ Năng Đọc Hiểu Ở Lớp 11 Trường THPT Hồng Quang - Khó Khăn Và Giải Pháp

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    Dạy Và Học Kỹ Năng Đọc Hiểu Ở Lớp 11 Trường THPT Hồng Quang - Khó Khăn Và Giải Pháp
    English is considered as an international language over the world. It plays an important role in the strong and rapid development of science and technology, politics, culture, and international relations in Vietnam. The economic open-door policy pursued by the Government of Vietnam has increased the demand for using English. The new policy has made English language learning and teaching more important than before. In order to meet the social requirements, the Ministry of Education and Training has recently decided to introduce a new series of English textbook for grade 11. Many survey findings show that if students learn to read faster and with more understanding, they can do many jobs that require reading with efficiency. According to Carrell (1981, p.1), “reading is by far the most important of the four macro-skills, particularly in English as a second foreign language”. However, teaching and learning reading skill at high schools is still far from satisfactory for various reasons. Despite the teachers’ effort, the students’ motivation for intensive reading is low and the reading lesson is said to be a boring one.
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