Macmillan Doodle Town Nursery Teacher's Edition

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    The four Doodle Town characters—Meg, her older brother, Gus, their friend Kit, and Doodle Bunny—will take you and your class on a journey of discovery. The children will explore English and the world around them through drawing, music, movement, dialogs, stories, values, and creative thinking. They will also be exposed to a rich variety of subject-based content based on the US English Language Arts and Math Common Core State Standards adapted for prekindergarten. Doodle Town is designed to support you and your class across the key areas of preschool development: cognitive, creative, physical, and socio-emotional development, as well as language, literacy, and math.
    • Series: Doodle Town 4 Levels
    • ISBN: 978-0230492066
    • Author: Mary Roulston, Caroline Linse, Elly Schottman
    • Publisher: Macmillan Publishers
    • Year: 2016
    • Language: English
    • Paperback: 184
    • Size: 122 MB
    • Format: PDF-SCAN
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