Macmillan Effective Reading 4 Upper-Intermediate Teacher's File

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    The main aim of Effective Reading is to provide reading texts of high interest to university students. Too often course books aimed at an international audience contain content that is either uninteresting or simply irrelevant to students, making it difficult for teachers to keep students engaged in the material. In Effective Reading, all reading texts have been written specifically to match the interests of young adults. To increase student interest in reading materials, scholar Anthony Bruton (1997) recommends avoiding ‘(a) general topics with the predictable liberal slant, often communicating nothing that is new; (b) topics of technical or scientific interest to which nothing can be added; (c) culturally distant and anecdotally irrelevant topics; and (d) narratives with a high cultural content.’ We took this advice to heart when selecting and developing reading texts in order to maximize student interest, while ensuring that the content is still appropriate for an academic institution.
    Effective Reading teaches reading skills and strategies to help students become more efficient and successful readers. Skills such as skimming, scanning and guessing word meanings from context are found in every unit. Effective Reading also promotes the practice of extensive reading. Information on how to read extensively, as well as extracts from Macmillan Graded Readers, give students the opportunity to discover that reading in English at their level of difficulty can be an enjoyable way to develop reading skills, as well as other language skills. Improving vocabulary knowledge is dependent on good dictionary skills. Using examples from the Macmillan English Dictionary, the Teacher’s File provides dictionary skills exercises to increase students’ familiarity with English-English dictionaries and to help students use them more effectively.
    • Series: Effective Reading 4 Levels
    • ISBN: 978-0-230-02918-7
    • Author: Scott Miles
    • Publisher: Macmillan Publishers
    • Year: 2010
    • Language: English
    • Paperback: 33
    • Size: 1,91 MB
    • Format: PDF-TRUE
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