Oxford Shine On! Level 3 Teacher's Book

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    Shine On! is a six-level American-English primary course with an easy-to-teach syllabus and support and resources for you and your students. The variety of activities in Shine On! ensures that all of your students can learn and shine together! Step-by-step unit walkthrough that shows the Student Book pages. Includes easy-to-follow teaching notes, tips, and extension activities. Everything you need to make your class shine! Keep up the energy in class with a variety of extra resources, the Classroom Presentation Tool for ‘heads-up’ lessons, and handy tips in the Teacher’s Book. Play together! Have fun and motivate your class with animated songs and dance routines, stories, games, role plays and craft activities. Learn together! Get everyone using their English with chants, songs, pair activities, and retelling the Shine On! Stories. Shine together! Shine On! has something for every learning style and works for mixed-ability classes so all your students can shine together.
    • Series: Shine On 6 Levels
    • ISBN:978-0-19-403375-6
    • Author: Susan Banman Sileci, Patrick Jackson
    • Publisher: Oxford University Press
    • Year: 2018
    • Language: American English
    • Paperback: 153
    • Size: 25,2 MB
    • Format: PDF-TRUE
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