SPiN 2 Interactive Whiteboard Software DVD-ROM

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    SPiN is a new three-level course that takes students on an adventure in English language learning as they discover the sights and sounds of National Geographic. Supported by original animation, students learn English through the presentation of fascinating and age-appropriate world facts. Available in print, image and electronic format and as an e-Book featuring DVD videos. SPiN allows you to teach English in a meaningful way that promotes world knowledge, cultural sensitivity and concern for the planet.
    • Series: SPiN 3 Levels
    • ISBN: 9781408061299
    • Author: Samantha Alcott
    • Publisher: CENGAGE Learning
    • Year: 2012
    • Language: British English
    • Paperback: DVD-ROM
    • Size: 1,7 GB
    • Format: RAR
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