Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Sử Dụng Công Nghệ Ghi Âm Đồng Thời Với Ghi Chú (Phần Mềm Audionote) Trong Việc Đưa Nhận Xét

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    Sử Dụng Công Nghệ Ghi Âm Đồng Thời Với Ghi Chú (Phần Mềm Audionote) Trong Việc Đưa Nhận Xét Của Giảng Viên Để Cải Thiện Kĩ Năng Dịch Nói Của Sinh Viên Chuyên Ngành Biên Phiên Dịch Tại Một Trường Đại Học Ở Hà Nội
    Teachers‘ feedback is of great importance in both language teaching and interpreter training. Though many studies have been carried out to enhance the quality of teachers‘ feedback for language learners especially with the aid of technology, little has been done regarding feedback for interpreting students. Besides, there has been a consensus among social scientists that computer-assisted feedback (including feedback through Audionote app) is likely to yield various merits in language classrooms; however, none has been written about the efficiency of this technology in interpreting classes. To find a tool that helps giving feedback in interpreting classes more feed-forward, I conducted this action research study, aiming at shedding light on 1/ the students’ responses towards the use of Notepad and Voice Recorder technology (Audionote) in teachers’ feedback for students’ simultaneous interpreting performance, 2/ the students’ actual improvement level in their interpreting skills with the aid of Audionote feedback and 3/ possible hardships for the teacher in the process of using the app.
    • Field: English Teaching Methodology
    • Code: 8140231.01
    • Author: Nguyễn Thị Thuỳ Trang
    • Supervisor: Dr. Huỳnh Anh Tuấn
    • Page: 125
    • File PDF-TRUE
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